What Should I Give Up for Lent?: 15 Ideas

15 things fr eric pic

Lent is coming up quick!  Haven’t decided what to give up for Lent?  Not to worry!  Here is Fr. Eric’s FIFTEEN suggestions of what to give up for Lent:

1) Snacking.
2) Pressing the SNOOZE button. Don’t use the snooze!
3) Hot showers.
4) Your Pillow. Sleep without it.
5) Facebook. Stop looking at it.  If you must, use it to invite someone to Mass, confession, or the SPK Retreat.
6) Keeping your cellphone on during lecture.  Just turn it off.
7) Wearing makeup.  Use make up only on dates.
8) Drinking soda, coffee or juice. Drink something else.
9) Sweets. Cut the sugar.
10) Alcohol.  If you must, drink only in good company.
11) Watching TV by yourself. Only watch TV with others.
12) Internet. No internet between 11 PM to 8AM.
13) Complaining. Complain to no one about anything.
14) Music. Embrace the silence
15) Disorder. Every day clean up someone else’s mess

Whatever you do, remember to do it as a means to bring yourself and others closer to Christ.  Have a Blessed Lent!

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