Can St. Paul’s New Priest Fr. Mark Miller ‘Hack it’ at UW Madison?



Do you think that playing “Jump Around” as a Mass song is inappropriate?

  • “Not if it’s at Camp Randall. I plan on celebrating all my masses there. I just gotta ask Fr. Eric.”

Should we avoid your confession line? Fr. Eric has never yelled at us in there- nor did Fr. Tim. Can we expect more of the same from you?

  • “I promise never to yell as long as you don’t drop spoilers for Walking Dead. Seriously – don’t do that.”

Will you accept offers to preside at our weddings? And are you prepared to travel to do it and do you have a reliable car? A lot of us meet our future spouses here, but we don’t want our wedding photos to look 10 shades of concrete grey.

  • “I will go anywhere for a wedding if you agree not to make me do the chicken dance. If you play “Ice Ice Baby” though, I may do THIS:

You have to walk down State Street in your black clerics during your “commute” from the rectory to St. Paul’s. How “in shape” and/or susceptible to exposure are you?

  • “When I was a UW freshman, we had to walk 10 miles to Van Hise waist deep in snow, and it was uphill both ways… and grizzly bears.”

Are you able to be ready to lead morning prayer at 8 am (after that harrowing walk down State Street) for a hundred eager students breviary in hand? Because we don’t tolerate tardiness- unless it’s us who’s late and then we’re totally cool with it.

  • “Is this a trick to get me up before the crack of noon?”

During Finals Week, there are usually cookies or treats handed out after mass. Do you have any plans to abolish the free cookies?

  • “I have a plan to eat the free cookies. You can have the ones with raisins in them.”

How will you handle the transition during your homilies from a regular parish to hundreds of college kids just staring at you? We have no crying babies here to break the tension.

  • “We’ll see if nobody’s crying when I’m done preaching. I really hope that happens less now.”

Space is a little tight around here until we finish raising the funds for a new building. We usually need to “borrow” whatever space is available to hold Bible studies including but not limited to: the bathroom, the kitchen, the hallway and your office while you are trying to work in it. Is this going to be a problem for you?

  • “As long as you’re not in the bathroom while I’m trying to work in it. I have a shy bladder.”

Are you afraid of rain? This isn’t really relative your position here, but we’re curious because this place tends to leak.

  • “Not a problem. I own a clerical wetsuit.”

When a vocation to the priesthood is fostered (we have quite a few young men who enter the seminary around here), who gets credit for his formation- you or Fr. Eric?

  • “Fr. Eric counts it as a vocation he fostered, and I count it as a vocation I didn’t scare away.”

What would you like the St. Paul’s community to know about you? How can our students, staff, alumni and benefactors help to welcome and support you?

  • “I was once an enthusiastic participant in the UW Lifestyle – to put things euphemistically – who is now an enthusiastic participant in the Body of Christ. The best thing you can do for me is to know, love, and serve Jesus.”

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