St. Paul’s Bucket List

Holla at all my Badger friends! Whether you are a freshman or a stale-man I would wager you were not aware of all that the diamond in the rough (a.k.a. St. Paul’s University Catholic Center) has to offer! If you haven’t ventured over the moat of construction and entered the glorious cement castle that is St. Paul’s, I can personally guarantee that you will be most pleasantly surprised; and if you have, you know exactly what I am talking about! So to give those who haven’t had a first-hand experience with the St. Paul’s shimmer a little motivation to go find out what that means, I compiled a friendly, suggested, basically mandatory bucket list of activities you will most definitely want to participate in before your Badger-self graduates!

  1. Go to at least one of each of the four different masses offered on Sunday!

    Clarifier: each mass is a beautiful mass but each mass also has its own vibe! 9am on Sunday brings one back to a peaceful, traditional era while the 11am sets a classy Sunday morning feel if you know what I mean. 6pm gets down with some modern Christian beats—with an awesome potluck hosted by Vita Pura afterwards; and 9pm, well, who wouldn’t want to end their weekend at the source and summit of the Catholic faith?!

  1. Attend a Newman Dinner!

    Let’s be honest you CANNOT go wrong with a home-cooked meal for a modest cost amongst great company! (every Thursday at 6pm y’all!)

  1. Go on a service trip! (Winter or Spring Break!)

    Is there a better combination than adventure, new friends, and serving your brothers and sisters in need??

  1. Build life-long relationships at a bible study!

    Take time in your week to encounter the person of Christ through an awesome group of people who will soon become some of your best friends on campus!

  1. Get some dating advice from the one and only Father Nielsen!

    For real though, after almost a decade working with college students, there’s nothing he hasn’t seen or heard; thus, he’s got some pretty priceless wisdom to pass on!

  1. Meet with a Peer Mentor

    Seriously, being able to share the faith with your fellow Badgers makes life so much more vibrant. This is a great opportunity to journey through questions of the faith with someone and to develop amazing friendship.

  1. Go on an SPK retreat (offered only once every spring and fall)

    My apologies but there isn’t much more I can say on this matter other than #YOUHAVETOGOIT’SSOAWESOME.

  1. Come to the Alpha-Omega large-group gathering on Thursday night!

    Let’s just say this event is such a power play they can only offer it once a month so that students don’t get too dominated with amazingness.

  1. Go to a Candle-lit mass!

    Yes, yes, you read it right… CANDLE-LIT mass!! Every Wednesday at 9pm friends! Not only will it uncover your inner pyro, you will be serenaded and lead into prayer by the Evangelicum Choir which can easily be mistaken as a choir of angels….NO JOKE.

  2.  Start a day off with morning prayer!

    At LEAST once in your crazy years at THE UW you must experience the oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of Badger nation every morning from 8am-9am in the St. Paul’s chapel! For real though, after a peaceful holy hour of individual prayer, everyone present joins in praying the Liturgy of the Hours in union with the UNIVERSAL, yes ENTIRE, Catholic Church!

I know, I know, I had you sold at #1, but don’t stop there! This is an all-inclusive bucket list, meaning you’ve just GOT to experience it all! There is much awaiting you behind those walls, so don’t shillyshally (yes, that is a real synonym for hesitate suggested by Microsoft)! Grab the Badger by the fur and get on gettin’ on that bucket list! See you soon friends!

Just your average overly enthusiastic Badger,

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