Alpha Omega is an energetic Thursday night program for undergraduate students, aimed at helping them explore their faith! It is the only opportunity outside of Sunday Mass in which the entire undergraduate Catholic community has the chance to gather together as one large group.

Together, as one body, we’ll receive formation on our Catholic faith from different, awesome speakers each week. This formation will consist of everything from “Who is God?” to teachings on the Eucharist, Mary & the Saints, and hot-button social issues. This large group formation will challenge us as a community to really dig deep into our Catholic identity so we can know how to answer a friend when they ask us, “Why are you Catholic, anyway?” St. Peter writes, “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope.” (1 Peter 3:15). Together, through the fellowship we find at Alpha Omega, the topic & speaker, and praising God in song, students can find a “reason for their hope”!

This year’s theme for Alpha Omega is FEARLESS. Each topic presented will relate back to our deep need to be fearless of our Catholic identity on campus. We will be reminded each week that we do not have to be afraid of our pasts, of the present, or even of what the future holds, but that the power of Christ’s love for us is more than enough to overcome any fear we may have. So, “do not be afraid!” (Mark 5:36). Come Thursday nights at 7pm at St. Paul’s to Alpha Omega — you’ll make friends, learn something new, and explore your questions of faith in a fun setting.